Samie Jaffrey

Greenberg-Starr Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine

Contact Information

413 East 69th Street, Room LC-523
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, NY 10065
p: (212) 746-6243

Samie Jaffrey

Greenberg-Starr Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine


Novel proteomic and computational techniques; chemical biology tools for imaging RNA and RNA biology in cells; epitranscriptomic regulation of gene expression

Current Research Interest

RNA modifications in gene regulation; using synthetic and chemical biology approaches to develop RNAs with novel functions; developing novel RNA-fluorophore complexes with novel spectral properties for studying RNA trafficking and imaging RNA processing events in living cells


John J. Abel Award in Pharmacology
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s 2014 Young Investigator Award
Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists
National Institute of Health (NIH) Director's Transformative R01 (T-R01) Award
National Institutes of Health EUREKA Award
McKnight Foundation Technology Development Award

Selected Publications

Paige, Jeremy S., Karen Y. Wu, and Samie R. Jaffrey. "RNA Mimics of Green Fluorescent Protein." Science 333, no. 6042 (29 July 2011): 642–646.

Mauer, Jan, Xiaobing Luo, Alexandre Blanjoie, Xinfu Jiao, Anya V. Grozhik, Deepak P. Patil, and Bastian Linder, et al. “Reversible methylation of m6Am in the 5′ cap controls mRNA stability.” Nature 541 (2017): 371-375.

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