Ben A. Rissing

Assistant Professor
Organizational Behavior, ILR School

Contact Information

393 Ives Hall Faculty Wing
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Ben A. Rissing

Assistant Professor
Organizational Behavior, ILR School


Labor markets; immigration; inequality; social capital; screening and selection; regulation

Current Research Interest

Immigrant work authorization; attestation-based regulations; H-1B temporary work visa; employment-based green card; endorsements; bias; information


Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings Recipient
Cornell University Institute for Social Sciences Faculty Fellow
Wharton People Analytics Conference Research Paper Competition Finalist
Cornell University Class of 2017 Faculty and Staff Award
White House Fellows Program National Finalist
United States Department of Labor Research Paper Program Award Recipient

Selected Publications

Castilla, Emilio J., and Ben Rissing. "Best in Class: The Returns on Endorsement in Business School Admissions." Administrative Science Quarterly 64 (2019): 230–270.

Rissing, Ben A., and Emilio J. Castilla. “House of Green Cards: Statistical or Preference-Based Inequality in the Employment of Foreign Nationals.” American Sociological Review 79 (2014): 1226-1255.

Cornell Research Website Article

Immigration and Employment, MBA Admission