Genomics of Fleshy Fruit Development

Fleshy fruit, such as tomatoes, are unique plant developmental systems that provide important components of human and animal diets. This project aims to decipher complex problems in plant biology that are also central to fleshy fruit development and quality.

Studies to date have provided valuable initial insights into the identity and temporal expression patterns of some of the genes that regulate fruit development; however, they have almost exclusively used total tomato fruit pericarp (flesh) and have largely ignored spatial variation in global gene expression in the different constituent cell types.

Jocelyn Rose wants to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the molecular basis of fruit growth, ripening, and traits such as nutritional value and to extend these studies in order to characterize the responses of tomato fruits to drought, using cutting edge genomics technologies. 

Cornell Researchers

Funding Received

$4.7 Million spanning 5 years