Cornell’s Tetrahymena Stock Center

A key model for eukaryotic cell and molecular biology, Tetrahymena thermophila has been instrumental to our understanding of a wide range of biological phenomena. It has direct relevance to human health and disease including cancer, infertility, aging, respiratory and neuroendocrine dysfunction.

Cornell’s Tetrahymena Stock Center, led by Theodore Clark, Microbiology and Immunology, is a strain repository, accepting new strains and making live cultures of T. thermophila available to users worldwide at a reasonable cost. The center is expanding its capabilities and ensuring its sustainability as a resource for the community at large.

Tetrahymena has shown great promise as a platform for the production of recombinant proteins, including vaccine antigens and difficult-to-express human ion channels. It serves as a useful teaching tool in K-12 and undergraduate classrooms. The center is completing the annotation of archival strains that it currently houses. It is also acquiring next-generation cloning vectors for micro- and macronuclear genome editing, as well as offering expanded services for the development of new genetic strains. The stock center is adapting CRISPR-mediated genome editing tools for micronuclear DNA replacement to enhance the overall utility of the Tetrahymena platform.

NIH Award Number: 2P40OD010964-15

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