Center for Transportation, Environment, and Community Health

A team of Cornell engineers is leading the establishment of a Center for Transportation, Environment, and Community Health (CTECH). Headed by Huaizhu Oliver Gao, Civil and Environmental Engineering, CTECH’s aim is to pursue research and innovation to support the sustainable mobility of people and goods while preserving the environment and improving community health. It will leverage expertise in a broad range of disciplines to address critical issues related to sustainable, health-promoting transportation: greenhouse gas reduction, use of alternative fuels and energy technologies, environmentally responsible planning, and impacts of freight movement.

The center plans to support numerous multilevel, multidisciplinary studies. Researchers will examine the links between travel behavior, active transportation, the built environment, and health; how mobility-on-demand services can be used to improve sustainability and health; and how new mobility technologies can be leveraged to promote green multimodal transportation systems. Researchers will explore new ways to reduce human exposure to truck exhaust, as well as Smart City and Internet-of-Things technologies to develop community-based transportation-health indices for promoting healthy mobility choices. They will also study the impact of different combinations of energy, technology, and policy pathways on the environment and health.

Cornell is leading a consortium of schools including University of California, Davis, University of Texas at El Paso, and University of South Florida. One of 35 five-year grants awarded by the Department of Transportation’s University Transportation Center program, funding for the project could reach $7 million over the next five years.

Cornell Researchers

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$1.4 Million spanning 1 years

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