Itai Cohen

Physics, College of Arts and Sciences

Contact Information

508 and C7 Clark Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
p: (607) 255-0815

Itai Cohen

Physics, College of Arts and Sciences


Soft matter; fluid and solid mechanics; origami metamaterials; behavioral biology

Current Research Interest

Cartilage mechanics and biology; mechanics and neuroscience of insect flight; colloid science; shear thickening materials; mechanical properties of colloidal glasses, gels, and crystals; human coordination and emergent behaviors in dance; plant growth; population dynamics


Forum for Outreach and Engagement of the Public, Chair
Weizmann Institute Braginsky Fellowship
Weizmann Institute Feinberg Fellowship
National Science Foundation CAREER Award
Marilyn Emmons Williams Award

Selected Publications

Lin, Neil Y.C., Christopher Ness, Michael E. Cates, Jin Sun, and Itai Cohen. “Tunable Shear Thickening in Suspensions.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, no. 39 (2016): 10774-10778.

Silverberg, Jesse L., Arthur A. Evans, Lauren McLeod, Ryan C. Hayward, Thomas C. Hull, Chris D. Santangelo, and Itai Cohen. “Using Origami Design Principles to Fold Reprogrammable Mechanical Metamaterials.” Science 345, no. 6197 (2014): 647-650.

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