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Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Emmanuel P. Giannelis, Vice Provost for Research
(607) 255-7200

Paula E. Cohen, Provost Fellow
(607) 253-4301

Christopher Wildeman, Provost Fellow
(607) 255-2069

Christina Cornell, Executive Assistant
(607) 255-7200

Research Communications

Ernestina Snead, Director of Research Communications
(607) 255-1532

Research Administration Support (RAS) Directors

Philippe Baneux, Director
Center for Animal Resources and Education
(607) 253-3523

Michael A. Barbato, Director of Finance and Budget
(607) 255-6126

Hayley P. Harris, Director of Research Division Human Resources
(607) 255-2947

Zachary Jacques, Director
Research Administration Information Services
(607) 255-6586

Mary-Margaret Klempa, Director
Office of Sponsored Programs
(607) 255-2939

Alice Li, Executive Director
Center for Technology Licensing
(607) 254-4487

Todd A. Pfeiffer
Facilities Director
(607) 255-1731

Amita Verma, Director
Office of Research Integrity and Assurance
(607) 255-2214




Photography (grid photos): Dave Burbank, Frank DiMeo, Jesse Winter, University Photography, John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; (life in the lab photos): Don Tennant, E. Rose Agger, Corinne E. Isaac, Rusen Yan, Michael F. Reynolds, Lori Lepak, David MacNeil, Charles Harrington; Illustrations: Beatrice Jin; copyediting: Candace Akins.