South Asian Languages & Area Studies

Cornell University’s South Asia Program sustains the university’s globally recognized strengths in South Asia Studies, including the study of South Asian languages. The program is funded as part of a consortium with the Syracuse University South Asia Center and has received U.S. Department of Education funding since the 1980s through the National Resource Center and Foreign Language Area Studies grants.

The most recent funds sustain Cornell's South Asian language program, support Cornell’s internationalization initiatives, aid recruitment of graduate students seeking to study South Asia, provide undergraduate and graduate student fellowships, and support the Cornell Tamil Studies Initiative, benefiting undergraduate and graduate students. The grant enables the expansion of inter-institutional collaboration and the study of South Asia, partnering the Cornell South Asia Program and the Syracuse South Asia center with local and regional colleges and schools to further internationalize their curricula.

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Funding Received

$1.7 Million spanning 4 years

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