Kyle Shen

Physics, College of Arts and Sciences

Contact Information

532A Clark Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
p: (607) 255-1952

Kyle Shen

Physics, College of Arts and Sciences


Experimental condensed matter physics; correlated electronic materials; electron and x-ray spectroscopies; artificial quantum materials.

Current Research Interest

Atomic-scale control of electronic phases; new superconductors; oxide interfaces and superlattices; development of new spectroscopic techniques.


Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award
Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award
Research Corporation Cottrell Scholars Award
National Academy of Sciences Kavli Frontiers Fellowship
National Science Foundation CAREER Award

Selected Publications

King, Phil D. C., Haofei I. Wei, Yuefeng F. Nie, Masaka Uchida, Carolina Adamo, Shabo Zhu, Xi He, Ivan Božović, Darrell G. Schlom, and Kyle M. Shen. "Atomic-Scale Control of Competing Electronic Phases in Ultrathin LaNiO3.” Nature Nanotechnology 9, no. 6 (2014): 443–47.

Monkman, Eric J., Carolina Adamo, Julia A. Mundy, Daniel E. Shai, John W. Harter, Dawei Shen, Bulat Burganov, David A. Muller, Darrell G. Schlom, and Kyle M. Shen. "Quantum Many-Body Interactions in Digital Oxide Superlattices.” Nature Materials 11, no. 10 (2012): 855–59.

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