Research Policies & Guidelines

Cornell researchers adhere to many policies, guidelines, and codes that are important to conducting research at Cornell University. The Vice President for Research and Innovation is the executive responsible for a number of the policies. Some of them are included here.

For a complete list of University Policies, see Cornell University Policy Office.

Free and Open Research

Summer Salary

Use of University Facilities

Financial Conflicts of Interest Related to Sponsored Research, Extension, and Non-Sponsored Research Activities

Copyright Policy

Cornell University expects all members of the university community to follow prescribed procedures in determining the ownership of copyrights and managing copyrights owned by the university.

Inventions and Related Property Rights

University Policy 1.5, Inventions and Related Property Rights, explains the principles and procedures by which inventions are disclosed to the University, how ownership of inventions is determined, how inventions are protected and commercialized, and how invention revenue is distributed.

Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy

Full-time members of the faculty may serve as principal investigators on sponsored programs. Individuals with other titles may serve, under special circumstances and with required approvals, as a principal investigator (PI), co-PI, or project director.

Postdoctoral Associate Minimum Salary

The minimum annual salary for postdoctoral associates is set at the National Institutes of Health National Service Awards (NIH NSRA) zero years of experience stipend level. Salary for postdoctorates on NIH awards must follow the minimum salary requirements for all years of experience.

Regulated Research