Life Sciences Lecture Series

The Life Sciences Lecture Series—A Forum of Interdisciplinary Excellence

Cornell's Life Sciences Lecture Series is among the most distinguished lecture series at the university. Established in 2018, the Life Sciences Lecture Series brings together colleagues from the natural, physical, and computer sciences and engineering communities in a single forum. Previously known as the Biology without Borders series, established in 2012, the lectures focus on identifying and showcasing life scientists whose research cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. This lecture series is committed to interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness, and the highest quality of science.

Each academic year, four distinguished scientists (two per semester) are invited to present Life Sciences Lectures and participate in workshops and discussion groups. These lectures inform, inspire, and stimulate the Cornell community to engage in interdisciplinary research. Presenters are leaders in their fields. They publish groundbreaking research, make world-changing discoveries, and achieve novel applications for the betterment of society.

The Life Sciences Lecture Series is made possible through funds from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.