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Fiscal Year 2021

National Ranking by Research Expenditures

# 12

State Ranking by Research Expenditures

# 1

Cornell Total Research Funding

$1.22 Billion

Top Sources of Federal Funding

National and State Rankings: National Science Foundation, FY 2020
All Other Stats: Cornell University Sponsored Financial Services, FY 2021 (Research Expenditures)



Health Sciences $274.6 M

Biological & Biomedical Sciences $234.2 M

Agricultural Sciences $50 M

Physics $46.3 M

Other Physical Sciences $22.3 M

Computer & Informational Sciences $21.8 M

Chemistry $20.9 M

Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering $15.6 M

Electrical/Electronic & Communications Engineering $15.5 M

Mechanical Engineering $13.5 M

Cornell University Sponsored Financial Services, FY 2021 (research expenditures)
Disciplines are defined by the National Science Foundation

Cornell Innovations

New Startup Companies

Six in New York State

Hermes Life Sciences Ltd. - Albany, New York
IpiNovyx Bio Inc. - West Nyack, New York
Kanvas Bioscience Inc. - Ithaca, New York
PhytoTech LLC - Ithaca, New York
VoiceLove LLC - Scarsdale, New York
Ratio Therapeutics LLC - New York, New York


Five Worldwide

Beemunity Inc. - Boulder, Colorado
InCaveo Inc. - San Francisco, California
Intermix Performance Materials Inc. - Washington, D.C.
Lassen Peak Inc. - Bellevue, Washington
Sedec Therapeutics Inc. - Boston, Massachusetts

Commercial Licenses and Options
50 Inventions
42 Plants
21 Copyrights
Patents Issued

Patents Issued

127 in the United States
191 internationally


646 Patents Filed

342 in the United States
304 internationally

New Technologies Disclosed
$20.6 M
$16.0 M from Licensing
$4.6 M from Patent Expense Reimbursement

Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University, FY 2021

Cornell Distinctions


Faculty were inducted into the distinguished national academies in fiscal year 2021.

Roberto Sierra

Meejin Yoon

Bernice Grafstein

Maureen Hanson

Lance Collins

Jefferson Tester

Augustine M.K. Choi

Anurag Agrawal

Maureen Hanson

Rachit Agarwal

Sasha Rush

Katherine A. Tschida

Madeleine Udell

Héctor D. Abruña

Carla P. Gomes

Valzhyna Mort

Kaushik Basu

Derrick R. Spires

Shu-Bing Qian

Rachit Agarwal

Eshan Chattopadhyay

Yudong Chen

Damek Davis

Ziv Goldfeld

Cindy (Hsin-Liu) Kao

Owolabi Legusen

Atieh Moridi

Kirstin Petersen

Chris De Sa

Alex Townsend

Madeleine Udell

Scott Emr