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Fiscal Year 2019

National Ranking by Research Expenditures

# 13

State Ranking by Research Expenditures

# 1

Cornell Total Research Funding

$1.14 Billion

Top Sources of Federal Funding

National and State Rankings: National Science Foundation, FY 2018
All Other Stats: Cornell University Sponsored Financial Services, FY 2019 (Research Expenditures)



Biological & Biomedical Sciences $273.9 M

Health Sciences $261.2 M

Agricultural Sciences $110.8 M

Physics $46.0 M

Other Physical Sciences $26.3 M

Computer & Informational Sciences $24.6 M

Chemistry $23.0 M

Electrical/Electronic & Communications Engineering $16.5 M

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering $15.8 M

Natural Resources & Conservation $15.4 M

Cornell University Sponsored Financial Services, FY 2019 (research expenditures)
Disciplines are defined by the National Science Foundation

Cornell Innovations

New Startup Companies

Nine in New York State

Akelos Inc. - New York, New York
ANSwers Neuroscience Inc. - New York, New York
BioSleep Inc. - Forest Hills, New York
Endover Inc. - New York, New York
Exotanium Inc. - Ithaca, New York
Ezra Robotics Inc. - Ithaca, New York
Halomine Inc. - Ithaca, New York
Organics Robotics Corporation - Rochester, New York
Sonder Medicine Inc. - Dublin, Ireland; Ithaca, New York


Six Worldwide

Big Blue Biotech Inc. - Westwood, Massachusetts
bioXroute Labs Inc. - Evanston, Illinois
Guard Medical Inc. - Paris, France
Neuromedica Inc. - Johns Island, South Carolina
Reazant Inc. - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Trace Imaging Technologies Inc. - Wilmington, Delaware

Commercial Licenses
61 Inventions
30 Plants
3 Copyrights
Patents Issued

Patents Issued

94 in the United States
237 internationally


584 Patents Filed

310 in the United States
274 internationally

New Technologies Disclosed
246 Inventions
234 Materials
20 Plants
13 Copyrights
$15.6 M
$12.1 M from Licensing
$3.5 M from Patent Expense Reimbursement

Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University, FY 2019

Cornell Distinctions


Faculty were inducted into the distinguished national academies in 2019.

Stephen J. Ceci

Kelly R. Zamudio

Joseph Y. Halpern

Deborah Estrin

Rainu Kaushal

Maria J. Harrison

Mariana F. Wolfner

Jeremy M. Baskin

Song Lin

Brad J. Ramshaw

Philip D. Nicholson

Paul Ginsparg

Jamila Michener

Jeremy M. Baskin

Kavita Bala

Claire T. Cardie

Kate A. Manne

Martha P. Haynes

Suzanne Mettler

Hector D. Abruña

Ella Maria Dia

Marcos Simoes-Costa

Jayadev Acharya

Ifeoma Ajunwa

Siddhartha Banerjee

Christina Delimitrou

Nathan Kallus

Kathryn P. Mann

Gregory McLaskey

Karola Meszaros

Mert R. Sabuncu

Adrian L.D. Sampson

Inna Zakharevich

Malte Ziewitz

Song Lin

Thomas Hartman

Jenny Kao-Kniffin

Kin Fai Mak

Rebecca Slayton

Suzanne Mettler

Justin J. Wilson

Yuri Berest

Irena V. Peeva

Steven H. Strogatz

Greeshma Gadikota

Jared Maxson

Brad J. Ramshaw

Ishion Hutchinson